Evaluation of ankle joint instabilities using a computerized jumping test device

Linnenbecker S, Thorwesten L, Jerosch J,

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Since ankle instability, functional or mechanical, plays a major role in the rehabilitation of ligamentous injuries of the ankle joints, a variety of tests have been introduced to evaluate the degree of instabiltity and the influence of stabilizing devices. We present our experience with a computer aided system using contact plates to measure the reaction time of indicated movements. we evaluated 23 volunteers, aged 20 to 26 with functional unilateral instable ankle joints by implying a single leg junping course. The patterns of movement were randomly indicated via a monitor. We obtained the data of contact time on the measuring plates indicating the landing safety, the stabilisation of the anklejoint and the resulting speed for rebounding. Regarding the contact time we found a significant difference (p<0.05) between the injured and the contralateral ankle. In addition, we are able to show significant lower values (p<0.05) for supination movements of healthy joints compared to the injured joints. There was no difference regarding the impact of pronation forces to the ankles of healthy and injured volunteers. When different kinds of orthoses were applied, the deficits of ankle stabilisation improved significantly

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Book title: Book of Abstracts
Release year: 1997
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish