Nina Heins

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Heins, N.; Pomp, J.; Kluger, D.S.; Vinbrüx, S.; Trempler, I.; Kohler, A.; Kornysheva, K.; Zentgraf, K.; Raab, M.; Schubotz, R.I.; (2021)
In: PloS one, 16(7)
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Pomp, J.; Heins, N.; Trempler, I.; Kulvicius, T.; Tamosiunaite, M.; Mecklenbrauck, F.; Wurm, M.F.; Wörgötter, F.; Schubotz, R.I.; (2021)
In: NeuroImage, 243 (2021)
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Schliephake, L.; Trempler, I.; Roehe, M.A.; Heins, N.; Schubotz,R.I. (2021)
In: NeuroImage, 236
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Heins N, Pomp J, Kluger D.S, Trempler I, Zentgraf K, Raab M, Schubotz R.I, (2020)
In: Frontiers in Neuroscience, 14(483)
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Heins, N., Pomp, J., Zentgraf, K., Raab, M. & Schubotz, R.I. (2020)
In: Virtual Annual Meeting Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Virtual, .
Type of Publication: Abstract in digital collection (conference)
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The relevance of incidental and intentional action sounds for the evaluation and neural processing of actions
Candidate: Heins, Nina | Supervisors: Schubotz, Ricarda I.; Zwitserlood, Pienie; Raab, Markus
Period of time: until 31/08/2020
Doctoral examination procedure finished at: Doctoral examination procedure at University of Münster