Prospective Islamic Theologians and Islamic religious teachers in Germany: between fundamentalism and reform orientation

Şenel, Abdulkerim; Demmrich, Sarah

Research article (journal)


This study represents the first German-wide investigation of Islamic theol-ogy and religious education students. We examined how these prospec-tive multipliers approach Islam in a reform-oriented manner. It was also asked whether study motivation, representation by Islamic associations, segregation, value orientations, enemy images, as well as fundamentalism and Islamism determine reform orientation. An online questionnaire was completed by N = 252 students representative for gender. The newly developed Reform Orientation Scale was proved reliable and valid. Reform orientation was positively predicted by the motivation to impart European-shaped Islam and a value orientation towards gender equality, and negatively predicted by representation by DİTİB, social segregation, enemy images, and fundamentalism. The findings emphasise the need for reflections on representation by Islamic associations and anti-Western and anti-Semitic enemy images.

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Release year: 2024
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