Modification of the Bridging Unit in Luminescent Pt(II) Complexes Bearing C^N*N and C^N*N^C Ligands

Buss, S.; Cappellari, M. V.; Hepp, A.; Kösters, J.; Strassert, C. A.

Research article (journal)


In this work, we explored the synthesis and characterization of Pt(II) complexes bearing different tri- and tetradentate luminophores acting as C^N*N- and C^N*N^C-chelators. Thus, we investigated diverse substitution patterns in order to improve their processability and assessed the effects of structural variations on their excited state properties. Hence, a detailed analysis of the different synthetic pathways is presented; the photophysical properties were studied by using steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy. We determined the absorption and emission spectra, the photoluminescence efficiencies, and the excited state lifetimes of the complexes in fluid solutions at room temperature and frozen glassy matrices at 77 K. Finally, a structure–property relationship was established, showing that the decoration of the bridging unit on the tridentate luminophores only marginally affects the excited state properties, whereas the double cyclometallation related to the tetradentate chelator prolongs the excited state lifetime and increases the photoluminescence quantum yield.

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Release year: 2023
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