Disentangling Student-Teacher (Dis)Agreement in Judging Students' Motivation Using a Multilevel Lens Model

Beck, J., Dutke, S., & Utesch, T.



The lens model allows examination of rater-rater agreement due to raters’ cue utilization. Students’ and teachers’ different judgments of motivation (Urhahne & Wijnia, 2021), thus, can be better understood in identifying indicators that students and teachers utilize for motivation judgments. N = 63 teachers (mean age = 42.0) and their 2,056 (mean age = 14.3) students both rated student motivation on 1-item scales. Goal orientations, gender, immigration background, and school grades served as cues. Two-level mixed-effects lens models indicate that students prioritize motivational qualities in their judgments. In contrast, teachers primarily relied on gender and school grades. We will discuss why teachers and students differ in their utilizations and present ways to minimize differences in educational practice.

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Release year: 2023
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish