WARPP - web application for the research of parasitic plants

Kösters LM, Wiechers S, Lyko P, Müller KF, Wicke S

Research article (journal)


The lifestyle of parasitic plants is associated with peculiar morphological, genetic, and physiological adaptations that existing online plant-specific resources fail to adequately represent. Here, we introduce the Web Application for the Research of Parasitic Plants (WARPP) as an online resource dedicated to advancing research and development of parasitic plant biology. WARPP is a framework to facilitate international efforts by providing a central hub of curated evolutionary, ecological, and genetic data. The first version of WARPP provides a community hub for researchers to test this web application, for which curated data revolving around the economically important Broomrape family (Orobanchaceae) is readily accessible. The initial set of WARPP online tools includes a genome browser that centralizes genomic information for sequenced parasitic plant genomes, an orthogroup summary detailing the presence and absence of orthologous genes in parasites compared with nonparasitic plants, and an ancestral trait explorer showing the evolution of life-history preferences along phylogenies. WARPP represents a project under active development and relies on the scientific community to populate the web app's database and further the development of new analysis tools. The first version of WARPP can be securely accessed at https://parasiticplants.app. The source code is licensed under GNU GPLv2 and is available at https://github.com/wickeLab/WARPP.

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Release year: 2021
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish