Biomechanical applications in measuring sensory motor control or proprioception

Thorwesten L

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The knowledge of proprioceptive capabilities or else the entire sensory motor system is of substantially importance during the rehabilitation process. The assessment of sensory motor and coordinative efficiency in orthopedic diseases and injuries of the locomotor system has gained in importance since the last decades. Besides procedures in measuring "threshold to motion" (kinesthesia), the assessment of position sense and force sense, different series of motor tests focusing on coordinative and sport specific skills have been applied. Both special proprioceptive training and extemal stabilizing support can induce changes in sensory motor control which has been proved in different studies previously. The application as well as interpretation of these test procedures necessitates the observance of general conditions.

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Book title: 15th International Congress on Ski Trauma and Skiing Safety
Release year: 2003
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish