Cardiovascular strain in adult and adolescent triathletes

Reer R, Fromme A, Thorwesten L, Schmidt A, Simon G, Jerosch J

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The objective of this study was to assess the cardiovascular strain of triathlon on adults and adolescents. According to experience, 27 adults and 22 adolescents were divided into 4 groups: adult advanced ( AUA. n=12 27.0±4.2ys) adult beginners (AUB, n=15, 23,5±2.6ys)adolescent advanced (AOA, n=12, 15.3±1.9ys),adolescent beginners (AOB,n=10, 14.7±1.6ys). 4 triathlon competitions with different distances were performed. AUB achieved significantly higher (p<0.01) average heart rates and blood lactate concentrations than AUA (179.5±9.6 vs 163.0±13.7bpm and 8.0±1.8 vs. 4.8±2.2mmol/l) The adolescentsdid not demonstrate any significant differences regarding heart rate and lactate (AOB:182.6±7.1 bpm and 6.3±2.0 mmol/l; AOA179.6±9.3 bpm and 6.1±2.6 mmol/l. These data suggest that AUA attain a substantial reduction of cardiovascular and metabolic loading by means of long-term training effects. AOA, however, do not show the same patterns due to their shorter history of training. The differences in lactate response between AUB and adolsescent athletes are caused by lower anaerobic capacity of the adolescents.

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Book title: Physical Activioty, Sport and Health
Release year: 1996
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish