Aromatic Thioethers as Novel Luminophores with Aggregation-Induced Fluorescence and Phosphorescence

Riebe, S.; Vallet, C.; van der Vight, F.; Gonzalez-Abradelo, D.; Wölper, C.; Strassert, C. A.; Jansen, G.; Knauer, S.; Voskuhl, J.

Research article (journal)


Abstract Here we report on a novel system based on aromatic thioethers with unique luminescence properties. Fifteen different compounds were investigated in detail on their luminescence properties using UV/Vis absorption and steady-state and time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy. Excited state lifetimes as well as quantum yields were determined, and the toxicity towards HeLa cells was investigated. Besides X-ray analyses also quantum chemical calculations were performed to gain deeper insights in the unique behavior of this facile system. The studied compounds reveal remarkable fluorescence emission ranging from 437 to 588 nm as well as phosphorescence (up to 5 μs).

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Release year: 2017
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