Arylallenes and the halogeno-B(C6F5)2 reagents: facile formation of 2-borylindenes

Tao, X.; Daniliuc, C. G.; Soloviova, K.; Strassert, C. A.; Kehr, G.; Erker, G.

Research article (journal)


Phenylallene reacts rapidly with ClB(C6F5)2 to give the respective 2-borylindene. Several substituted allenylarenes form the respective 2-B(C6F5)2 boryl-substituted indenes upon treatment with ClB(C6F5)2 or BrB(C6F5)2 as well. Bis- and tris-allenylarenes form the corresponding products featuring multiple five-membered ring annulations{,} including a symmetrical tris-borylated dihydro-1H-trindene derivative. The B(C6F5)2 borylindenes show fluorescence properties.

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Release year: 2019
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