Luminescent Neutral Platinum Complexes Bearing an Asymmetric N^N^N Ligand for High-Performance Solution-Processed OLEDs

Cebrián, C.; Mauro, M.; Kourkoulos, D.; Mercandelli, P.; Hertel, D.; Meerholz, K.; Strassert, C. A.; De Cola, L.

Research article (journal)


The synthesis and full characterization of new platinum complexes bearing a bulky asymmetric dianionic tridentate ligand is reported. The hindrance of the ligand prevents detrimental intermolecular interactions yielding to highly emitting species in both crystalline state and thin-film. Such properties prompted their successful use in solution-processed OLEDs, showing remarkable external quantum efficiency up to 5.6\%.

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Release year: 2013
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