Sensitisation of the Near-Infrared Emission of NdIII from the Singlet State of Porphyrins Bearing Four 8-Hydroxyquinolinylamide Chelates

Guenet, A.; Eckes, F.; Bulach, V.; Strassert, C. A.; De Cola, L.; Hosseini, M. W.

Research article (journal)


Abstract The α4 atropoisomer of a tetraaryl porphyrin and its PdII complex, both bearing four hydroxyquinolinyl chelating units pre-organised on the same face of the porphyrin backbone, bind a NdIII centre thus affording either a mononuclear or a heterobinuclear anionic species, respectively. The near-infrared emission of the lanthanide centred at 1064 nm is observed upon excitation of the Soret band at 425 nm. Sensitisation proceeds mainly from the singlet state of the porphyrin.

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Release year: 2012
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