Profluorescent verdazyl radicals – synthesis and characterization

Matuschek, D.; Eusterwiemann, S.; Stegemann, L.; Doerenkamp, C.; Wibbeling ,B.; Daniliuc, C. G.; Doltsinis, N. L.; Strassert, C. A.; Eckert, H.; Studer A.

Research article (journal)


The synthesis and characterization of various 6-oxo-verdazyl radicals and their diamagnetic styryl radical trapping products are presented. It is shown that styryl radical trapping products derived from N-phenyl verdazyls show fluorescence whereas the N-methyl congeners are non-fluorescent. In the parent N-phenyl verdazyls fluorescence is fully quenched which renders these compounds highly valuable profluorescent radical probes.

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Release year: 2015
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