Effect of a 6-month Thai-Bo training program on endurance, power and postural balance

Thorwesten L, Rudack P, Fromme A, Mooren FCh, Völker K

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Thai-Bo as a combination of elements from martial arts and classical aerobics is actually one of the most popular fitness programs. The objective of the present study was to examine the influence of a long term Thai-Bo training program on cardiovascular parameters, postural balance, and muscular strength of the knee extensor (E) and flexor (F) muscles. Thirty-five volunteers (informed consent) participated in two groups: Thai-Bo exercise group (n=21; mean age 22.9±1.7 years), control group (n=13; mean age 25.1±3.7 years). Pre- and post-test with measuring of heart rate (HR), blood lactate (LA), blood pressure (RR), and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) were performed during a stepwise increasing cycle ergometry. Furthermore, isometric and isokinetic strength (Cybex NORM) of knee extension/flexion as well as postural balance on a force plate (ProvecPlus) were measured before and after a weekly six-month training period. Our results showed a significant improvement of cardiovascular parameters in the retest (decreasing HR at a given ergometric load (p<0.01), decreasing HR at LAthresholds (p<0.01), decreasing systolic RR, reduced RPE). Significant increase in isometric strength (E=2.58±0.30 vs. 3.33±0.55 Nm/kg; F=1.39±0.26 vs. 1.60±0.38 Nm/kg bodyweight) and isokinetic strength at 60°/s (E=2.17±0.29 vs. 2.41±0.37 Nm/kg; F=1.45±0.21 vs. 1.65±0.34 Nm/kg bodyweight) could be demonstrated in addition to animprovement in postural balance, whereas the total body sway of the training group decreased not significantly (1.93m test vs. 1.76m retest). Cardiovascular fitness as well as static and dynamic strength can be positively influenced by a long term Thai-Bo training program. Therefore possible preventive effects can be assumed. On account of differences in individual strain during training sessions control mechanisms are recommended to adjust the individual load.

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Book title: Abstract Book
Release year: 2003
ISBN: 3-901709-11-8
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Event: Salzburg
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