Physical exercise with the fitness devices moonwalker and crosstrainer compared to physical exercise on ergometer and treadmill

Rudack P, Bovet S, Machazek E, Fromme A, Mooren FC, Thorwesten L, Völker K

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The fitness-devices Moonwalker and Crosstrainer are said to be alternatives to the endurance sports running and cycling. How do oxygen uptake (VO2), heart rate (HR), lactic acid (LA) and RPE differ in comparison? Two x 20 sports students, ages between 20 and 30 years, participated in the investigation. A six-step frequency determined test on the Moonwalker was compared to a similar test on the treadmill. Concerning the Cross-trainer, the eight possible intensity-levels were determined in terms of performance and compared to corresponding levels for the ergometer. All intensity-levels concerning the Moonwalker were submaximal (VO2 900-2400ml/min, HR 100-145 bpm, LA 1,0-2,8 mmol/l). The values when additionally using the armsand for comparable intensity on the treadmill were slightly higher. The results for the Crosstrainer were: performance 90-140 watts, VO2 2500-3400 ml/min, HR 150-170 bpm, LA 3,0-4,1 mmol/l. The values when additionally using the arms and for comparable intensity on the bicycle-ergometer were lower. The Moonwalker turns out to be not very suitable for endurance training, whereas the Crosstrainer could be an alternative especially when the arms are used in addition

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Publisher: Mester J, King G, Strüder H, Tsoladikis E, osterburg A
Book title: Perspectives and PRofiles
Release year: 2001
Publishing company: Sport und Buch Strauss GmbH
ISBN: 3-89001-235-3
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish
Event: Cologne
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