Characteristic parameters of physical Exercise in indoor-cycling as a (typical) fitness sport

Rudack P, Kilch K, Fromme A, Mooren FC, Thorwesten L, Völker K

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n Germany, indoor-cycling has become one of the most popular among all the present cardio fitness trends with about 700.000 participants per week. What are the characteristic physiological patterns of this type of sports, which is promoted as an endurance training by the fitness-studios? Thirty-five fitness sportsmen of mid-age were investigated while exercising indoor-cycling. In terms of across-sectional study, 20 persons underwent a continuous measurement of the heart rate (HR), and a lactic-acid profile (LA) concerning the different types of training. Fifteen persons performed a representative training unit on an indoor-bike, equipped with a SRM-system. The following parameters were measured: performance, pedaling frequency (RPM), HR and LA. The HR was mainly at 85-92% of the HRmax, and the values for LA were between 5,0-7,0 mmol/l, whereas the values for performance and RPM varied considerably in the different types of training although the defaults were paired. Maximum values of up to 300 watts and 160 RPM were measured, respectively. The fitness work out declared as an endurance training often shows HR close to the HRmax and anaerobic LA-concentrations. The present intensity regulation based on the choice of training types and personal perception should be complemented or even replaced by measurements of HR

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Publisher: Mester J, King G, Strüder H, Tsolakidis E, Osterburg A
Book title: Perspectives and Profiles
Release year: 2001
Publishing company: Sport und Buch Strauss GmbH
ISBN: 3-89001-235-3
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish
Event: Cologne
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