pyMOR - Generic algorithms and interfaces for model order reduction

Milk R, Rave S, Schindler F

Research article (journal)


Reduced basis methods are projection-based model order reduction techniques for reducing the computational complexity of solving parametrized partial differential equation problems. In this work we discuss the design of pyMOR, a freely available software library of model order reduction algorithms, in particular reduced basis methods, implemented with the Python programming language. As its main design feature, all reduction algorithms in pyMOR are implemented generically via operations on well-defined vector array, operator, and discretization interface classes. This allows for an easy integration with existing open-source high-performance partial differential equation solvers without adding any model reduction specific code to these solvers. Besides an in-depth discussion of pyMOR's design philosophy and architecture, we present several benchmark results and numerical examples showing the feasibility of our approach.

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Release year: 2016
Publishing company: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Publications
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish
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