The new monotypic genus Bardotia (Orobanchaceae) from Madagascar and remarks on the phylogenetic relationships of the African and Madagascan genera Micrargeria, Parastriga, Radamaea, Rhamphicarpa and Sieversandreas

Fischer E, Schäferhoff B, Müller KF

Research article (journal)


The new genus Bardotia with the new species B. ankaranensis from limestone tsingy in Northern Madagascar is described and its differences to Radamaea and Sieversandreas are discussed. The phylogenetic position of the genera Micrargeria, Radamaea, Rhamphicarpa and Sieversandreas is investigated. Micrargeria filiformis is closely related to Sopubia while Radamaea and Sieversandreas form a clade of its own with Bardotia and Rhamphicarpa. The monotypic Parastriga alectroides nests within Harveya and the new combination Harveya alectroides is made.

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Pages: 15
Release year: 2012
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish