Incidence of injuries in parachuting

Lepsien U, Thorwesten L, Linnenbecker S, Jerosch J

Review (journal)


During the German championships in parachuting 78 paratroopers were asked about acute injuries and chronic pain using a questionnaire. A total amount of 131 injuries was described. These were evaluated in terms of dimension and localisation. Upper and lower parts of the body were injured with a comparable frequency. Bruises (42%), fractures (19%), sprainings (16%) and dislocations (10%) were most often described. The overall injury rate according to the total number of descents (0.09%) was lower than that reported by previous literature. Therefore it can be concluded that parachuting for experienced jumpers is less dangerous than assumed until today.

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Pages: -67
Release year: 1998
Language in which the publication is writtenGerman