[Long-term effects of ankle joint orthoses on sports specific capability in handball].

Jerosch J, Thorwesten L, Haverkämper U

Research article (journal)


We documented the effect on sports specific capabilities of long lasting wear of ankle braces in 14 handball players. For a period of 4 months half of the team performed all athletic activities with an ankle brace. The other players served as control performing the same athletic activities without wearing a brace. For documentation of the coordinative capabilities a special jump-test with a COMET-system was used. This test was performed after a standardised warm-up at the beginning and at the end of the 4 months observation period with and without an ankle brace. The results showed that wearing the used ankle brace for a period of 4 months did not lead to a negative effect on jumping capabilities. The brace group showed even an increased ability in the used test. This could be documented in short as well as long term effects. CONCLUSION: Long wear of ankle braces do not lead to negative side-effects in sports specific capabilities that are represented by the performed jump-test.

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Pages: -95
Release year: 1998
Language in which the publication is writtenGerman