Interdependence of clinical and isokinetic results after bicondylar knee prostheses with special emphasis on quality of life results.

Fuchs S, Tibesku CO, Flören M, Thorwesten L

Research article (journal)


Nineteen patients were examined at an average follow-up of 2 years after total knee joint replacement without patella resurfacing. They were compared with 22 healthy subjects of the same age. Using the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) score the operated knee joints scored an average of 77 points, the contralateral side scored 87 points and the control group 97 points. In the SF-36 health questionnaire the patients showed highly significant deviations. Isokinetic measurements revealed a clear loss of isokinetic strength of more than 50% on average in flexion as in extension when compared to the control group and there were considerable asymmetries between the operated and the contralateral legs.

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Pages: -196
Release year: 2000
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