Is prophylactic bracing of the ankle cost effective?

Jerosch J, Thorwesten L, Bork H, Bischof M

Research article (journal)


The ankle joints of 14 healthy volunteers and 16 patients with unstable ankle joints were tested for their functional and proprioceptive capabilities. All of them were active athletes. Three tests were used: the single-leg stance test, the single-leg jumping course test, and the angle-reproduction test. The influence of three stabilization devices-the lace-on brace (Mikros), the stirrup brace (Aircast), and taping-on the proprioceptivity of stable and unstable ankle joints was evaluated. The scores of the single-leg jumping course test without any stabilizing device ("standard" category) ranged between 8.06 and 13.68 (10.65 + 1.29). In the Mikros (9.95 + 0.99) and Aircast (9.99 + 1.14) brace categories, as well as the tape bandage (10.27 + 0.81) category, better scores were achieved. The differences between "standard vs Mikros" and "standard vs Aircast" revealed a significant reduction of the scores with the orthoses (P

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Pages: 10
Release year: 1996
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