Phylogeny of Aristolochiaceae based on parsimony, likelihood, and Bayesian analyses of trnL-trnF sequences

Neinhuis C, Wanke S, Hilu KW, Müller KF, Borsch T

Research article (journal)


Aristolochiaceae, a family of worldwide distribution comprising about 500 species, is a member of Piperales. Although Piperales is clearly monophyletic, the precise relationship within the order is ambiguous due to inconsistent placement of Lactoris fernandeziana. The appearance in some studies of Lactoris within Aristolochiaceae and the incongruence in generic treatments have also raised questions about the infrastructure of the family. This study addresses the overall generic relationships in Aristolochiaceae and its position in Piperales based on dense taxon sampling and sequence data from the plastid trnL-F region. The study resolved Piperales consisting of two major clades (Piperaceae plus Saururaceae and Lactoridaceae plus Aristolochiaceae) and Lactoris nested within Aristolochlaceae but with low support. The concept of two subfamilies in Aristolochiaceae, Asaroideae and Aristolochioideae, gains maximum statistical support. A generic treatment of Aristolochiaceae based on trnL-F is proposed which is congruent with recent analyses based on morphological characters.

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Pages: 20
Release year: 2004