Physical Education and daily life activity of nine and eleven year-old pupils

Uhlenbrock K, Thorwesten L, Sandhaus M, Fromme A, Brandes M, Rosenbaum D, Dieterich S, Volker K

Research article (journal)


Problem: School instruction is predominantly characterized by immobile sitting. Due to the present debate about physical education, the effect of physical education classes/lessons on daily life activity needs to be investigated. Specifically, the activity levels should be assessed during school time, in physical education (PE) classes/lessons and in schools with varying approaches to promoting physical activity. Methods: Accelerometric movement receivers were employed to register physical activity These devices determine the quantity and intensity of step activities by storing the number of steps in minute intervals. The StepWatch Activity Monitor (SAM) was worn by 107 pupils over a period of seven (lays. Data were separately analyzed and defined as school time, leisure time and weekend. Results: Activity during the weekly afternoon (684 +/- 147 step cycles (zvk)/h) was significantly higher (p

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Pages: 6
Release year: 2008
Language in which the publication is writtenGerman
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