Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

Basic data of the distinction

Type of award: Research award or other distinction
Awarded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Award given to: Kogman-Appel Katrin
Announced at: 20/05/2015
Date of awarding: 15/05/2016
Amount of prize money: 3500000 EUR

About the distinction

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About the award

Academics of all disciplines from abroad, who are internationally recognised as leaders in their field and who are expected to contribute to enhancing Germany's sustained international competitiveness as a research location in consequence of the award, are eligible to be nominated for an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship. The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, which is being financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the International Research Fund for Germany, enables award winners to carry out long-term and ground-breaking research at universities and research institutions in Germany. The prize money, totalling 5 million EUR for academics in experimental disciplines and 3.5 million EUR for researchers in theoretical disciplines, is being made available for a period of five years. Nominations may be made by German universities; non-university research institutions may also submit nominations jointly with a German university.
Type of award: Prize for excellent research
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Zeitraum der Vergabe: since 2009