Dr. Maimu Alissa Rhea Rehbein

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Kroker, Th., Rehbein, M. A., Wyczesany, M., Bölte, J., Roesmann, K., Wessing, I., Junghöfer, M. (2024)
In: Journal of Neuroscience Research, 102
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Rehbein, M., A., Kroker, Th., Winker, C., Ziehfreund, L., Reschke, A., Bölte, J. Wyczesany, M., Roesmann, K. , Wessing, Ida, Junghoefer, Markus (2023)
In: Frontiers in Neuroscience, 17
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Kroker, T., Wyczesany, M., Rehbein, M. A., Roesmann, K., Wessing, I., Wiegand, A., Bölte, J., & Junghöfer, M. (2023)
In: Scientific Reports, 13(1)
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Rehbein MA, Pastor MC, Moltó J, Poy R, López-Penadés R, Junghöfer M (2018)
In: Psychophysiology, 2018
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
Klinkenberg, I.A.G., Rehbein, M.A., Steinberg, C., Klahn, A.L., Zwanzger, P., Zwitserlood, P., & Junghöfer, M. (2016)
In: NeuroImage, 136
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)
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Investigating human emotion processing and fear conditioning under challenging conditions: Findings of MultiCS conditioning studies
Candidate: Rehbein, Maimu Alissa Rhea | Supervisors: Junghöfer, Markus, Dobel, Chistian, Zwitserlood, Pienie.
Period of time: 01/01/2012 - 01/10/2016
Doctoral examination procedure finished at: Doctoral examination procedure at University of Münster