Psychological conditions of accidents in physical education

Basic data of the doctoral examination procedure

Doctoral examination procedure finished at: Doctoral examination procedure at University of Münster
Period of time01/07/2003 - 31/07/2007
Name of the doctoral candidateHalberschmidt, Barbara
Doctoral subjectSportwissenschaft
Doctoral degreeDr. phil.
Awarded byDepartment 07 - Psychology and Sport Studies
SupervisorsStrauß, Bernd, Tietjens, Maike

Projects in which the doctoral examination procedure takes/took place

Duration: 01/07/2003 - 01/07/2005
Funded by: Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen
Type of project: Individual project

Publications resulting from doctoral examination procedure

Tietjens M, Halberschmidt B, Strauss B, Dieterich S (2007)
In: Sportunterricht, 56(2)
Type of Publication: Research article (journal)