Periods of Drinfeld modules and local shtukas with complex multiplication

Hartl Urs, Singh Rajneesh Kumar

Research article (journal)


Colmez conjectured a product formula for periods of abelian varieties over number fields with complex multiplication and proved it in some cases. His conjecture is equivalent to a formula for the Faltings height of CM abelian varieties in terms of the logarithmic derivatives at s = 0 of certain Artin L-functions. In a series of articles we investigate the analog of Colmez'€™s theory in the arithmetic of function fields. There abelian varieties are replaced by Drinfeld modules and their higher dimensional generalizations, so-called A-motives. In the present article we prove the product formula for the Carlitz module and we compute the valuations of the periods of a CM A-motive at all finite places in terms of Artin L-series. The latter is achieved by investigating the local shtukas associated with the A-motive.

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Release year: 2020
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish