Optimization and functional integration of the formation and end-of-line test (FormEL)

Basic data for this project

Type of project: Participation in BMBF-joint project
Duration: 01/08/2020 - 31/01/2024


FormEL adresses the investigation of process-quality-interdependencies between the formation process and the end-of-line quality check with the aim of an optimization and functional integration of these final production processes of lithium-ion batteries. Conventional formation and end-of-line test (EOL-test) procedures last several hours or days. These state-of-the-art formation and EOL-test procedures will be improved in FormEL regards time, costs and quality. Therefore, the interdependencies between the formation process and the EOL-tests are identified and analyzed with respect to the resulting and diagnosed cell quality. This process-quality-interdependencies are determined by parameter studies and are used in order to develop detailed models. Moreover, synergies are revealed in order to merge the two production processes and design a functional integration of the formation and EOL-test within one process step. This will be performed by the detailed process models of the formation and EOL-test as well as the experimental testing. These methods enable the optimization regards time, quality and costs during the production. The MEET and elenia are responsible for the production of lithium-ion-batteries in different formats. These cells will be experimental investigated regards the formation optimization by the PEM and elenia. The experimental investigation of the EOL-test is carried out by the EES and MEET. The optimization is supported by the models and simulations by the InES (formation) and the EES (EOL-test). This approach enables the identification of the process-quality-interdependencies in order to design the functional integration. The PEM develops a system with all requirements in order to demonstrate and validate the functional integration of the EOL-test within the formation.

Keywords: battery research; production technology; battery cell; production process