Next-generation of lithium-ion batteries to power electric vehicles (SENSE)

Basic data for this project

Type of project: EU-project hosted outside University of Münster
Duration: 01/02/2020 - 31/01/2024


The SeNSE proposal aims at enabling next generation lithium-ion batteries with a silicon-graphite composite anode and a nickel-rich NMC cathode to reach 750 Wh/L. Cycling stability is the key challenge for the adoption of this cell chemistry. The objective is to reach 2000 deep cycles by (i) reducing the surface reactivity of the active materials by a combination of novel film-forming electrolyte additives and active materials coatings, (ii) compensating irreversible lithium losses during the first cycles employing pre-lithiated silicon and providing an on-demand reservoir of excess lithium in the cathode, (iii) identifying and controlling critical cycling parameters with data provided from in-cell sensors. Adaptive fast charging protocols will be integrated into the battery management system based on dynamic in-cell sensor data and by implementing thermal management concepts on materials and electrode level. To improve the sustainability of the battery and to lower production cost, the content of the critical raw materials cobalt and natural graphite will be reduced. Enabled by protective coatings, aqueous slurry processing will be developed for the cathode. Costs will be further lowered and energy density improved by the development of thinner textured current collector foils offering enhanced adhesion. The feasibility and scalability of the SeNSE battery technology with respect to the call targets will be demonstrated through 25 Ah pouch cell prototypes and a 1 kWh module. Scalability to the gigawatt scale and cost-effectiveness of the proposed solutions, including aspects of recycling and second-life use, will be continuously monitored via regular briefings led by Northvolt, which currently undertakes one of the most ambitious efforts to establish a European cell manufacturing plant at scale. To strengthen the European IP portfolio in the battery field, patent applications are the preferred way of dissemination of technology developed within SeNSE.

Keywords: Lithium-Ionen-Batterien; Energiequelle; Elektrofahrzeuge