Concomitants of achievement in mathematics: a comparative analysis

Gruehn Sabine, Roeder Peter Martin

Forschungsartikel (Buchbeitrag)


The study explores attitudinal concomitants of school achievement in a comparative perspective. It is based on data for France, Japan and the United States collected in IEA's second international mathematics study. Attention is directed both at the feasibility of models of trans-nationally valid relationsships between variables related to achievement and at cultural specificities in such relations. Based upon separate factor analyses for the three countries, trans-nationally valid attitude scales are constructed. Path and regression analyses are performed to test and explore models of relationships between home background variables, psychological constructs and achievement with special emphasis upon the self-concept of mathematical ability and the importance of mathematics as perceived by the students. (DIPF/orig.).

Details zur Publikation

Herausgeber*innen: Bos Wilfried, Lehmann Rainer H
Buchtitel: Reflections on Educational Achievement. Papers in Honour of T. Neville Postlethwaite.
Veröffentlichungsjahr: 1995
Verlag: Waxmann
Sprache, in der die Publikation verfasst istEnglisch
Veranstaltung: Münster