ERA talents for boosting and balancing brain circulation (TBrainBoost)

Grunddaten zu diesem Projekt

Art des Projektes: EU-Projekt koordiniert außerhalb der Universität Münster
Laufzeit: 01.09.2023 - 31.08.2027


The overall objective of the TBrainBoost is to boost international and intersectoral mobility and improve links between academia, business and society in the field of healthy aging. TBrainBoost will achieve this through a series of secondments between academic institutions and businesses working in the field of healthy aging, and a number of educational activities. Based on our methodology, researchers from this multidisciplinary field will enhance their entrepreneurial skills and competences while bringing their valuable research expertise to the industry, while R&I talents will gain new insights and skills to create structural changes that are required to set strong foundations for academy-business collaboration for the future. All intersectoral secondments will also put emphasis on benefiting institutions from widening countries, namely empowering talents from Slovenia and Malta with opportunities to learn from colleagues in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Ultimately, the TBrainBoost project will create a reality where scientists and R&I talents from all parts of the spectrum intuitively share knowledge, experience and skills to boost their personal profiles, work for the benefit of the aging society, and drive our economies.

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