Trust in Organizations: The Significance and Measurement of Trust in Corporate Actors.

Wiencierz, Christian; Röttger, Ulrike

Research article (book contribution)


For organizations, the trust of their stakeholders is of enormous significancebecause it is the basis on which organizations are able to achieve theirobjectives in the long run in a modern, differentiated society. The public perceptionof organizations and their products also depends heavily on the assessment of theirtrustworthiness. It is therefore all the more surprising that questions concerningwhat stakeholder trust in organizations actually is and how it can be measured haveso far only been sparsely addressed in communication science. In the presentcontribution, trust in organizations is conceptualized with reference to sociologicaltheories of trust, among other ideas. According to these theories, trust is a mechanismthat makes the risk perceived by stakeholders in their relationships withorganizations tolerable. Following the model by Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman,which originates from organizational psychology, trust in organizations is significantlybased on their perceived trustworthiness. The empirical analysis of thefactors of the perceived trustworthiness of organizations is performed with referenceto the example of political parties and non-governmental organizations. Theresults illustrate the significance of organizational trustworthiness for the relevantorganizations and provide valuable implications for organizational practice. Thecontribution also sheds light on the methodological challenges associated withmeasuring the trustworthiness of organizations and looks at the resultant challengesfor interdisciplinary trust research.

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Publisher: Blöbaum, Bernd
Book title: Trust and Communication in a Digitized World. Models and Concepts of Trust Research
Release year: 2016
Publishing company: Springer International Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-319-28057-8
Language in which the publication is writtenEnglish
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