Unterschiede im physischen Selbstkonzept bei normalgewichtigen und adipösen Personen: Eine Analyse mit dem Physical Self Description Questionnaire von Marsh

Jüntgen L, Freund P A, Tietjens M & Holling H

Research article (journal)


Focusing on specific components of the physical self-concept of obese persons, the present study is based on a multidimensional, hierarchical model of self-concept developed by Shavelson, Hubner, and Stanton (1976) that has been adapted to models of physical self-concept. The Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ; Marsh, Richards, Johnson, Roche, & Tremayne, 1994), which is based on these models, was used to measure participants' physical self-concept. First, differences in physical self-concept between obese and normal-weight persons were examined, as well as the impact of exercise on the physical self-concept of obese persons. Second, it was investigated to what extent different components of physical self-concept explain global physical esteem. The results indicate that there are differences between obese and normal-weight individuals on different components of physical self-concept. Finally, these results are used to explore implications for research and application.

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Pages: 11
Release year: 2009
Language in which the publication is writtenGerman