Intercultural Learning and Field Research in Nigeria

Basic data for this project

Type of project: Participation in other joint projects
Duration: 10/02/2011 - 10/03/2011


The course „Intercultural Learning and field research"  is a cooperation with the "Ökumenischer Eine-Welt-Kreis St. Nikolaus Wolbeck e.V. (ÖWK)" and the "Pope John Paul II Model Secondary School", Umunagbo-Amagbo Ihitte, Mbaise/ Nigeria. Supervisors of the course are PD Dr. Maike Tietjens and Marie-Christine Wehrmann. The aim of the course „Intercultural Learning" is to support an intercultural exchange between Germany and Nigeria with an intership at the Pope John Paul II Model Secondary School". Furthermore the purpose is to examine cross-national differences in the physical activity level. The course / seminar is organized in 4 blocks: Meeting students, teachers and the bishop of the diozese AhiaraTeaching practice at the Pope John Paul Junior Secondary SchoolAcquirement of the cultural life and intercultural learningDevelopment aid: The students are going to visit some project from the development aid of the ÖWK. For example the Pope John Paul Junior Secondary School and the Ozioma Foundation. In the following the main topic (Intercultural Learning) of the course is described. Intercultural Learning means learning from other systems and can help us to improve the living conditions for adolescents, meaning learning for tomorrow's world. Intercultural Learning and comparing research can allow a view on phenomena of development exceeding the western cultural background and can contribute to the amelioration of the conditions of socialization of adolescents. The course is a chance for students to look at different socialization and to learn from other systems. They are going to have a view on phenomena of development exceeding the western cultural background.

Keywords: Selbstkonzept; Motorische Leistungsfähigkeit; Interkulturelle Studie