Digitalization of Higher Education from a Student’s Point of View

Thoring A., Rudolph D., Vogl R.

Forschungsartikel in Sammelband (Konferenz)


The process of digitalization challenges universities worldwide, in particularthe universities' IT. Qualitative interviews with students were conducted togather information on service requirements. Three service categories clearlydominate the students' wishes for IT support: study organization, online literatureand software provision. As regards the study organization, a centralizedplatform granting access to all relevant information and services (e.g.schedule, exam administration, certificates, study progress, contact information)is particularly important. From the students' point of view, IT shouldenable them to focus on the content of their studies, provide support fororganizational problems, and grant easy access to resources, such as literatureand software, while at the same time require little effort.

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Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2017
Sprache, in der die Publikation verfasst istEnglisch