Going all digital in a university hospital: a unified large scale PACS for multiple departments and hospitals

Vogl R

Forschungsartikel (Zeitschrift)


In 1997, a large PACS was first introduced at Innsbruck University Hospital in the context of a new traumatology centre. In the subsequent years, this initial PACS setting covering only one department was expanded to most of the hospital campus, with currently some 250 viewing stations attached. Constantly connecting new modalities and viewing stations created the demand for several redesigns from the original PACS configuration to cope with the increasing data load. We give an account of these changes necessary to develop a multi hospital PACS and the considerations that lead us there. Issues of personnel for running a large scale PACS are discussed and we give an outlook to the new information systems currently under development for archiving and communication of general medical imaging data and for simple telemedicine networking between several large university hospitals

Details zur Publikation

Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2001
ISBN: 0277-786X ER